Thursday, 16 September 2010

Cutting the ribbon

A bit of a delay in posting the new name , but here it is, Nostalgiart has now been changed to 'StevePunk' arts and crafts. The name was an idea suggested to me by a friend, and once i thought about it, it does make sence, not only is it a play on th word SteamPunk but also a type of punked art that has been Steve'd if that makes sence. So as of now everything i make will be branded under the name 'StevePunk'.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

changing name

Nostaligart will be within the next week be changing its name due to difficulty to prenounce and lack of unique availibility

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Mix Tape necklace

Mix Tape Necklace, one of those procrastinations you end up spendin more time than you intended on 

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Space Rocket

This model is part of a larger model im making, i used 1950's space race toys as my inspiration for the shape and colours. Its made from a stock piece of pine wood and i whittled it with a craft knife to get the basic shape, then used a rotary tool with a sanding wheel bit to smooth the contours then fine sand paper to smooth further before paint.

Robot Necklace

Here is the first of many items of my craft. i chose a simple original robot design with a simple shape in the center to give a bit of contrast and interest.

Well, Hello there world

I am starting my own brand of Arts & Crafts and thought that i'd start by making a name for myself. making this blog and publishing all my works onto it. A sort of advertisment for my work, and to let people see my work and how i do it. All the peices i display on this blog will be for sale, once i have got a fair amount of stock i will make a website to purchase them from, they will also be on sale on one of my friends mums craft stall (directions and the name of the market will follow shortly). Take care all